Additional Services Offered to Fill Horticulture Job Openings

  • Creative Ad Writing. We know how to set your postings apart while still ensuring that the job description is easy to read and candidates understand the qualifications for the position. Let us tell "your story" through the posting; research shows that "non-standard" posts receive 86% more applicants. (FREE of charge, just reach out to us!)

  • Interviewing Assistance. At HireHorticulture, we know how to "glean" important information from candidates via our "secret sauce" interviewing techniques. We have interviewed thousands! We will work with you to understand your company and the particulars of the job; then pre-screen/interview candidates for you - presenting you with feedback on each candidate so that you only need to see the top tiered finalists. Candidates tend to relax and open up with us; which allows the employer to have more valuable information! Think of us as an extension of your HR Department. (Call for pricing; we'll surprise you with how affordable we are!)

  • Full Service Recruiting.  **There are no spots open at this time for full service recruiting.**  The staff at will do ALL the work for you; and present you with top and final candidates that have been recruited proactively, pre-screened, and backgrounded.  You just have to make the tough decision on who is the best fit for your culture!  Our fee is 25% of the first year annual salary and is paid upon hire.  We do require a non-refundable deposit upon signing of the recruiting contract.  Please feel to call with questions.