10 Recruiting Hacks for Spring 2022



1.       Utilize a calendar link so potential employees can set up their own interview time for a prescreen. For example, when a candidate is on your career page, have the calendar link pop up and allow them to set up a 15-minute meet and greet. Get the conversation started!


2.       Look for talent in unlikely places. Go where your candidates hang out. Send current employees with hiring cards or flyers to hand out at local food trucks, restaurants, retail stores etc. Offer a bonus when your employee finds good talent! Train and allow employees to conduct an “interview” on the spot and bring the information about the candidate back to HR or the hiring manager. Empower your employees.


3.       Attend events that are NOT career fairs. Search forums like Meetup for groups that are likely to be attended by those that might be interested in joining our industry; bird watching, hiking, kayaking, garden tours, etc. Go one step further and host or sponsor a Meetup event!


4.       Text to apply. If you’re not already doing so, get on it.  It’s inexpensive, make sure it’s on your career page, all ads you post, work vehicles etc. Make it easy for a potential candidate to engage.  


5.       Promote “free training” or “get paid while we train you for free.” We tend to use “paid training” but have heard this  phrase works even better in some cases.  


6.       Make sure your job postings are mobile friendly. Read your post on a mobile device to ensure it's not pages long and requires massive amounts of scrolling while reading little itty-bitty fonts. Use fewer words, pick out what’s most important. The shorter the scroll time, the better.


7.       Feature your current employees on Instagram. They are living testimonials of what it’s like to work at your company. Video your star employees and get it posted…EVERYWHERE. We’re happy to add your video to our social media platforms too!


8.       Use a chatbot. Potential employees can chat real time with someone in HR.  Get their email address and make sure to follow up with a thank you for the chat even if they aren’t quite the right fit.  A nice email goes a long way and we know potential candidates have family and friends. 


9.       Start a new program. For landscape laborers, or those in horticulture where there is the ability to train, start a program for formerly incarcerated individuals (non-violent offenders, of course).  We have seen great things happen with those being released for cannabis related charges once states legalized and released folks. 


10.    Hold Happy Hour instead of a career fair; you’d be surprised how many folks will show up after hours (no alcohol needs to be involved, some snacks would be nice, though). Have current employees on hand and have an “ask me anything” booth or table set up. Let potential employees ask questions that they normally wouldn’t dare ask during the interview. We’ve seen consistency works on this one.  A customer we know holds Happy Hour every Thursday from 5:30-7:30 for six weeks straight – great results!


SPECIAL HACK:  Post your jobs on our niche job board. Email info@HireHorticulture.com for a consult on posting the perefect  job that will engage the most candidates.   


Cheers and Happy Recruiting.
Tim and Suzanne 


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