4-Day Work Week



Could Horticulture and Landscaping companies potentially adopt a 4-day work week?


We know this is a touchy subject, and that’s why we’re bringing it up. We’ve seen it work well, and not so well in our industry, but it can be done (for some positions.)

FUN FACT: HireHorticulture.com surveyed our own candidate database and a resounding 97% said they’d leave their current company to go work for one that had 4-day work weeks even if it meant a pay decrease.


  • Over 3,000 responded and firmly said they’d easily work 10–11-hour days, 4 days a week, so that they can have 3 days off to rest and come back refreshed, especially during the busier times of the year. 
FUN FACT: Companies in our industry that have tried this (with a ton of thoughtful planning and scheduling) have had success not only in hiring new employees, but they’ve also seen significantly reduced turnover.



NOT SO FUN FACT: Some were not as successful, and it seemed to be primarily due to:


  • Poor planning and execution, managing schedules of employees and management alike.
  • Not enough communication with employees about expectations about a 4-day work week. It’s about looking at efficiencies, not just adding in more hours during the 4 days.
  • In particularly strenuous roles, employees could become physically drained by the added hours in the day and could potentially result in more injuries.


An article by CNBC is one of the many out there discussing this. READ HERE


ALREADY ADOPTED THE 4 - DAY WORK WEEK? Please let us know and we’ll do a promo for you on our social media platforms! 

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