6 Search Tips to Help Find the Perfect Job


Job searching has become easier than ever; however, using the right methods can increase your chances of landing the absolute perfect Horticulture Job or Landscaping job. Use these 6 tips to help ensure you’re on the right track.  

  1. SOCIAL MEDIA: It’s an essential component to finding the perfect job. Utilize social media to your benefit. “Like” and “Follow” company pages that you’re interested in; you’ll stay informed as to what’s happening in a specific company. Follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn to stay up on the latest job postings and news.
  2. ONLINE PRESENCE: At times, employers hire the staff of HireHorticulture.com to search for them. If you’d like to be noticed for these confidential recruiting efforts, make sure your resume is posted on the site. Or, if you don’t have a resume, you can fill out an online text profile. Click here to register with our site and complete your profile. You should also have a LinkedIn profile. It’s free and another way for employers to get a glimpse into your background.
  3. RESUME: Don’t set your resume in stone; rework it each time you apply for a job. MAKE SURE you are addressing the company you are applying to. Nothing turns an employer off more than if you forget to change names, position titles, etc., from the last job you sent your resume to. Read this article for more resume tips.
  4. A B C: Always Be Charming. Don’t be boring! We are not suggesting that you shouldn’t be professional and articulate, but, make sure you let the employer “feel” that you’d be a good addition to their team, a person they’d like to be around.
  5. APPLY: Even if you only meet 80% of what the job requirements specify, these can often be “wish lists.” Employers may see that you’re motivated, and you might just land the job! Also, apply to several, be selective, but put yourself out there. Perhaps the job you see listed isn’t the right one, right now…an employer could be looking soon, and you could be first to get the interview even before they post the job.
  6. GO OLD FASHIONED: Use your phone, as in make a phone call. If you’ve applied to a position and haven’t heard back after a few days, it doesn’t hurt to make a follow up call if you’re able to find a phone number. Be a sleuth, most company websites will have some type of way to get in contact with them. Don’t hesitate to call and ask who the Hiring Manager for a specific job is; even leaving that person a voice mail letting them know you’re following up with your interest. If you get a live person, this might just give you the opportunity to begin building a relationship and let your personality shine through.


Looking for more tips and resources? Check out the Articles page at www.HireHortiulture.com!

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