ANALYTICS. Do You Really Know Where Your Candidates Come From?




Your CPH (Cost per Hire) DOES matter. We watch our analytics very carefully, so should you!  You need to know how and where your candidates are finding your job openings. With this knowledge you can spend your money wisely. Measuring return on investment of the recruiting dollar can be difficult to accomplish, but is so meaningful.

  1. First, you need to know WHERE the candidate is coming from. Because job boards are so popular, and will continue to be, make sure you are asking very direct questions when a candidate applies. “How did you hear about this job?” is not enough – jog the candidate’s mind if they say “heard about the job on the internet.” Give examples of places you’ve posted and force them to choose one. The word “internet” doesn’t give you enough information to deduce where your candidates are coming from.

  2. Second, know that your own career page on your website is important. Job boards GIVE YOU ACCESS to huge candidate bases that you might not otherwise be able to tap into. Keep in mind that 9 times out of 10, a job seeker will go to your own website after finding your posting on a job board; seeking to find out more about your company and its culture. If it’s not clear how to get in touch with you or apply for the opening, they may lose interest and “bounce” off your site; never to return to where they originally found your job in the first place!

  3. Third, make it easy, and have a sense of urgency. works hard to find that “passive” candidate that may/may not be looking for a career change. React FAST! Engage with a potential candidate quickly via email, etc.; and keep them engaged. If you consistently keep your engagements involved, you’ll have talent waiting for an open position. That’s a good ROI, it turns into LOWERING your CPH. It’s where we want you to be!


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