All Job Boards Are Not Equal. 
To make sure you're not comparing apples to oranges, we've highlighted a few things you should look for when comparing job boards and spending your advertising dollars.  


  •  SOCIAL MEDIA.  Is there an active social media presence? Does the board have a LinkedIn and Facebook page where jobs are reposted for additional exposure?  Do they "boost" posts regularly for extra eyeballs on the post?     


  •  STAFF BACKGROUND What is the background of the staff “behind the scenes” at the job board? Are they able to assist with creative job post writings? Can they tell you directly what might be going wrong with your ad; if you’re not getting the applicant flow you desire? (All staff members of are from the Horticulture industry.)  


  • ANALYTICS.  Can the job board give you feedback on analytics? (We know from minute to minute the traffic to our site, where the candidate came from, and how to best use the analytics for future postings; we're happy to share that information with you.)
  • E-NEWSLETTERS. Does the job board reach out directly to candidates via email newsletters showing new jobs that are posted? (We share our weekly or bi-weekly newsletters to over 50,000 or more candidates that have signed up to receive these.)  


  • EXPIRED JOBS. Are jobs taken down as they are filled, or do they remain on the job board until the posting expires? (We hear from candidates all the time that this is most frustrating.  If they are taking the time to apply, a candidate wants to know the job is still actively open.)  


  • COST. Simply put, we don’t believe in “cost per click” – if you're not watching that cost per click closely each minute of the day, the cost per hire can soar through the roof!  


  • MOST IMPORTANT.  Please do not mix us up with a competitor site; we want you to choose where you spend your advertising dollars. Although we love healthy competition, we need to point out that we have been taking regular calls from unhappy customers that think they've posted on our site and actually have posted on a competitors. We're easy to remember, think Hire and Horticulture and you've got us at! (Email us for a coupon code if you'd like to give us a try.)


Happy Spring, Happy Recruiting! 




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