Resumes as we know them are becoming extinct. Why? Because candidates are not taking the time to put them together in our industry since it remains highly competitive. Even though unemployment remains on the rise, it is not necessarily the case in our Hort and Landscaping world. 



  • So, what do we do?  Take the verbiage off job postings that demands resumes and references be  required to apply. Since we are in a time of shortage in our industry, and many candidates are passive versus reactive, simply getting them to engage with your company is top priority. All the information needed will be gained during the vetting process.


What are we hearing? 
  • Candidates are generally using smartphones – and it is not the easiest to upload and send a resume; it takes skill that some do not have and will not take the time to research.  They may be looking on their smart phones during their lunch break, and we need to capitalize on that!


  • Allow candidates to send you a brief text summary, with perhaps the last two relevant jobs they have had and how long they were employed. Get an email address and phone number and you’re off and running. Start an email conversation right away and continue to gather more information. Yes, unqualified candidates will still be "weeded" out. And...we'll all be a little more environmentally conscious without all the paper resumes being printed. 

Our employment website is already set up to have a candidate apply and input text vs uploading a resume. We are definitely seeing an increase in the number of applications going through to those companies that are not requiring a cumbersome application process. 

The end goal is to attract great talent, give this method a try!


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