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6/23/2018 Suzanne Kludt
We asked thousands, and they responded. Great info on attracting talent via job postings.
The Perfect Storm
6/1/2018 Jennifer Polanz
One concern that knows no bounds is labor. Initially, labor crunches were on the supply side. Now we’re starting to see it on the retail side.
Resolving Conflicts
3/29/2017 Katie Elzer-Peters
Whether at home or at work, conflict is unavoidable. Addressing conflict head on—working through it and moving forward are essential for the bottom line. Suzanne Kludt, founder of, offers advice on how to tackle conflict.
Hiring for the Long Haul
2/6/2017 Jennifer Polanz
Labor shortage. Two words no employer wants to hear, particularly right before hiring season. However, if you’ve started your hiring process already, you may be coming across a climate that favors the candidate because of shortages in the workforce.
Finding Your Place in the Green Industry - VIDEO
1/14/2017 New England GROWS
Short video put together by New England GROWS discussing jobs in the horticulture and green industries.
5 Behavioral Interview Questions You Should Ask
11/2/2016 Max
Dig a bit deeper by asking situational questions.
3 Ways To "Kill" The Candidate Experience and Lose Interest From Applicants
11/2/2016 Suzanne
Easy, fixable ways to keep your candidate "pipeline" alive and strong. Don't "kill" the candidate experience!
Hort Humor Corner Vol. 5
11/1/2016 Staff
More HORT humor to bring some laughter to your day.
10/18/2016 Suzanne
In a perfect world, with perfect candidates around every corner, quality candidates in large quantities would be just lovely! But this is not reality and sometimes finding one quality candidate can be a challenge.
Hort Humor Corner Vol. 4
10/18/2016 Staff
A little bit of HORT humor to lighten the day.
Hire Externally or Look Within?
9/28/2016 Sonja
How to identify and determine if the best course of action is to hire an external candidate or promote an internal team member.
Hort Humor Corner Vol. 3
9/27/2016 Staff
A little bit of HORT humor to lighten the day.
5 Tips to Writing Great Job Postings
9/18/2016 Suzanne
Recruiting via the Internet in the Hort World is here to stay. Here are 5 tips to writing great job postings that will help attract more qualified applicants for your open positions.
Hort Humor Corner Vol. 2
9/13/2016 Jeff
A little bit of HORT humor to lighten the day.
What is a Targeted Posting?
9/13/2016 Staff
We use “TARGETED POSTINGS” to alert, reach, and engage more passive candidates than a regular job posting.
Ready for a Career in Floriculture or Horticulture? - VIDEO
9/13/2016 American Floral Endowment
There is high demand for floriculture and horticulture employees. Get a jump-start on your career and take advantage of the many scholarships and internships available through the American Floral Endowment (AFE)
Retaining Top Talent – A New Focus on Employee Engagement
9/11/2016 Suzanne
Once hired, retaining that perfect candidate as a long term, productive employee becomes important. With the unemployment below 5 percent it’s no surprise that business owners are focused with employee engagement to retain their top talent.
Hort Humor Corner Vol. 1
8/22/2016 Suzanne
A little bit of HORT humor to lighten the day.
Turnover Costs Way More Than You Think
8/21/2016 Michelle
The cost of employee turnover can be staggering, consider a mentoring program to retain talent and get employees THRIVING and not just SURVIVING.
Instructions for "Easy Apply" on Mobile Devices
8/15/2016 Jeff
Super simple, super easy! The ability to APPLY directly for jobs on is now available on your MOBILE DEVICE. 
Recruiting vs Marketing. Time to Think Differently.
8/8/2016 Suzanne
Companies have realized that they need to promote their jobs the same way they market their services and products. We think creativity and understanding are of utmost importance.
ANALYTICS. Do You Really Know Where Your Candidates Come From?
7/18/2016 Suzanne
Keeping track of your hiring-source analytics will help you understand the true cost per hire. Choosing the right recruiting source is good for your bottom line.
LET'S GET PERSONAL!  Write a killer job posting.
7/7/2016 Max
Get personal when trying to find top talent. More tips on how to write a fabulous job posting that will attract top notch candidates, even those that may be just "browsing."
4 Tough Job Interview Questions
7/7/2016 Suzanne
4 of the most common and often the toughest/awkward job interview questions and how to best answer them.
Hilarious ... but what NEVER to do as an employee in a garden center!
12/15/2015 Jeff
The Impractical Jokers have fun at a garden center in this short video segment.
11/10/2015 Suzanne
Don't EVER say this in an interview.
4 Painful Horticulture Job Recruiting Mistakes
10/21/2015 Tim
Common, but easy to correct, recruiting mistakes.
Are Your Job Ads Annoying?
9/22/2015 Jeff
Find out if what you're saying is seriously annoying and driving potential candidates away from applying.
Top 10 Resume Mistakes
9/17/2015 Suzanne
Avoid these errors on a resume; tips for all job seekers.
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