Can COVID Help Our Industry?



Believe it or not, this is still a great time to hire. We like to find the positive in all things so here’s what we’re seeing in our industry that HELPS us during COVID19. 



  • We have had a shortage in some positions; the good news to come out of the pandemic is the pool of talent has expanded; time to capitalize on this opportunity. 

  • Many folks in other industries; managers, technicians, retail associates have been furloughed or permanently laid off and are now open to making a change to our industry. With a little training, let’s transfer some of those skills! 

  • Candidates are re-evaluating and analyzing the industries they work for and are deciding to look for a new industry; ESPECIALLY family owned.  Yes, you heard that right! Candidates are looking to see an impact in what their work can produce and feel like a true contributor. 



We are in the process of developing an on-line training program for companies and candidates to utilize so that we can have “newbies” to our industry up and running at a faster rate.



Feel free to respond to this email (or leave comments in the section below) with the top 5 most important issues that you would like to see in an on-line training program that would benefit your company. We already have modules on Annuals, Perennials, Trees/Shrubs etc. for each zone in the works. Customer service is of course, a big one as well. 

We look forward to your feedback and thank you in advance,






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