Instructions for "Easy Apply" on Mobile Devices



Applying for a job on your mobile device just got easier with


Tips for attaching your resume to your email application:

   1.   Don’t have a copy of your resume available on your mobile device?  Take a copy of your resume by simply taking a photo of your resume; make sure you get your entire resume in the photo and the photo is clear. Tap “send” to apply for the job.
   2.   Download the free app, TurboScan; available on the iTunes App Store and Google Play. Scan your resume; making sure the scanned image is clear. Tap “send” for your next HORT job.
   3.   If you have a copy of your resume available on your iPhone mobile device, attach it to your email by doing the following:
         a.   Step 1: Tap the screen in the text-entry area twice quickly to bring up the options toolbar (Figure 1).
         b.   Step 2: Tap the right arrow on the options toolbar twice to show the selection “Add Attachment” (Figure 2).
         c.   Step 3: Tap “Add Attachment” and navigate to the location you have your saved resume. Once attached, tap “send” for your next career move.
 Figure 1  Figure 2

 Still have questions? Please feel free to give us a call at 844-467-8562.

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