Assistant Growers

Magnolia Gardens Nursery
Waller, TX 77484
United States

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Job Description


Magnolia Gardens Nursery is a family owned and operated business, founded in 1978 and located in Waller and Magnolia, Texas. Just 45 minutes north of Houston, our locations offer employees a beautiful place to work while still being close to all the action in the nation's 4th largest city. MGN prides itself on cultivating a team environment with the leaders of the horticulture industry. Bring your expertise to our 150 acre container nursery or our leading tissue culture laboratory and young plant production nursery. We know, understand and most importantly, appreciate the skill and dedication it takes to be successful in this industry and want to give you the foundation to flourish in our unique industry. We value our employees and look forward to learning more about you. 

Job description:

Magnolia Gardens Nursery is seeking Assistant Growers. They will be required to be train under the Grower and be able to take on the duties of the Grower for short periods of time. These duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Assist Growers in overseeing the following:
    • Watering, fertilizing, spraying, and testing. 
    • Developing/documenting high quality standards for consistently growing crops developing best practices that will be incorporated into our computer production module 
    • Maintain good growing practices to meet required ready dates and contract grow dates
    • Conduct trials/experiments to evaluate possible improvements to the crop
    • Perform/track soil, water, disease tests as needed 
    • Identify/track/control insects 
    • Monitor/control computerized greenhouse environments 
    • Interact/communicate with a dedicated, knowledgeable, well organized grower team 
    • Identify crop problems and develop corrective and preventative actions 
    • Lead/Supervise up to 15 employees


Job Requirements
Qualified candidates must be open to learning, process driven, self-motivated, and work as part of a team. Strong management, organizational, and communication skills are also vital to the success of this role. He/she must be able to work with co-workers in a courteous and professional manner at all times.

Job Requirements:

Education, training, experience:

The following is preferred:

Bi-Lingual in English and Spanish

Certified Nursery Professional

Certified Pesticide Applicator

Degree or experienced in the practice and study of Horticulture

Candidates who fit the strong team orientation and organizational requirements will also be considered.