Job Openings in Retail Garden Centers

Below is a list of current and open Retail Garden Center Jobs near you.
Lake Oswego, OR
Garden Center Assistant Manager
Lake Oswego, OR
Garden Center Store Manager
Nursery Manager
If you enjoy caring for plants or like to give gardening advice to anyone who will listen, then you should consider a career at a garden center. Working at a garden center offers many job opportunities, especially for people who enjoy customer service with elements of plant care and business management sown in. Garden centers focus on the sale of plants and horticultural products to the general public. Thus, they are a direct link between producers and consumers. With this in mind, many consumers look to garden centers for tips on how to nurture potted plants, as well as tricks to rid their gardens of pesky pests. In addition to customer service, garden centers offer opportunities for employees to put their creative talents to the test by designing merchandise displays, selecting items (including plants, flowers, and lawn decorations) for the store to stock and sell, or helping customers design their gardens. Writing newsletters for customers and developing advertising campaigns are other responsibilities often taken on by garden center employees.
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