Candidate Ghosting - The Continuing Creepy HR Trend



Candidate ghosting is taking an increasing toll on employers, new research shows that more than 63% of employers reported that it’s more common for job candidates to cut off communication more often now, then they did 2 years ago.




  • Company took too long to respond after receiving application/resume.
  • The job or company culture wasn’t what they expected.
  • The interview process was too cumbersome and/or too lengthy.
  • They received another offer with a higher salary.
  • Communication was poor from the recruiter or hiring manager, the candidate did not “feel the love” during the interview process.
  • Candidate used potential interview to leverage current company for higher salary.



The Horticulture and Landscaping industries are not immune to ghosting, so what do we do about it? 

1.    Deliver a fast and exceptional candidate experience. It’s not necessary to have 5 interviews all happening at separate times. Candidates report getting tired of repeating themselves and answering the same questions in each interview. Glassdoor reported that the interview process takes an average of 23.7 days, and a Robert Half survey showed that 46% of job seekers lose interest if they do not receive an update from a company in one week post-interview. 


2.    Showcase the strength of the company’s brand and outline any potentials for career growth. Be transparent and authentic up front, first impressions actually do matter in a tight recruiting market.  When posting a job, be sure to highlight the perks of the position. Tell the story about your company and why they would want to work for you. List the benefits and perks but also give additional nuggets of information that might show career growth potential, this will set you apart from the competition.

3.    Be clear about core values. Strong core values keep a candidate interested and engaged. Candidates want to work with a company where they will feel valued. This is extremely important in our industries, especially when hiring seasonal workers. Show candidates why they want to join our industry. In a recent survey, job seekers reported that culture and values were just as important if not more so than compensation.


4. Stay in touch with new hires. Companies suffer a huge loss when a new hire fails to show up for their first day of work. Once you’ve hired a candidate and the start date is identified, stay in touch along the way, don’t give the candidate any reason to rethink leaving their current role and continue to show your excitement about having them join the team.


Conclusion: Over communicate, deliver a great experience, and pay close attention to culture and compensation.


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