Suzanne Kludt

We asked thousands, and they responded. Great info on attracting talent via job postings. See **for our expert opinion.


**Job postings that are super short 3 liners don’t get applicants; it implies that the employer didn’t care enough to take the time to explain what “a day in the life" would look like. Get the candidate to engage!



**Although location and salary always tend to come first, we TRULY hear more often that candidates want to know the culture and perks. Tell your story. 


**It’s the continuing wave of the future in our Hort/Landscape world! is a fully responsive website and looks the same across all platforms, we make it incredibly easy for candidates to apply from their Mobile Device, Surface, etc.


**Check out that 80%! We always recommend at least a wage band or salary range. It still provides employers with flexibility in the hiring process but also piques a passive candidate’s interest. It also “weeds” out potentials that may be too far out of the budgeted salary range. Win – Win.  


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