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Costa Farms

21800 SW 162nd Ave
Miami FL 33177
United States
Costa Farms, headquartered in Miami, Florida (AKA plant paradise!), is one of the largest horticultural growers in the world. The company sprouted in 1961 when our founder, Jose Costa Sr., purchased 30 acres south of Miami to grow fresh, vine-ripened tomatoes in the winter and calamondin citrus in the summer. That soon morphed into houseplants, and the Costa Farms family started innovating and introduced new houseplants such as the canela tree and Cecilia Aglaonema.

We grow a stunning array – more than 1,500 varieties – of houseplants to help ensure you can grow houseplants successfully. And we’re always working on putting together new plant collections that make it easier for you to pick the plants that are right for you. For example, our Plants of Steel collection puts the varieties we find best tolerate neglect. And our Exotic Angel brand of plants represents some of the most beautiful, interesting, and colorful varieties available. To ensure you have a good experience with our houseplants, we acclimate our plants from Miami conditions to those of the average household environment before shipping them to the stores.

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