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Cox Cactus Farm

34623 N. 7th Avenue
Phoenix AZ 85086
United States
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Word on the street is…

COX CACTUS FARM is the place to go for ALL your plant needs. Haven’t heard of us? Do you live under a rock? Well, we’re awesome, and let me tell you why…

- We have the most extensive availability of top-quality cactus, agaves, aloes, and other specimen material in the great State of Arizona. Yeah, I went there… bold, bold statement.
- We also have a broad availability of shrubs, trees, and palms for the parts of your project that are just a little less exciting… not to say our plants aren’t exciting. They’re THE BOMB of unexciting plants.
- What we don’t have, we WILL find for you… if it exists, anyway. When you call asking for a Weber’s Blue Flame Variegated Smooth Agave Agave weberi attenuata desmettiana variegated (#truestory), well, we’re going to laugh at you. But we will laugh in front of you, not behind your back… because, we’re cool like that.
- We really hate to say no… if we can make it happen, we will. That includes deliveries. If you call us today, there’s a 97.78% chance we can deliver it tomorrow. Sometimes, sometimes, we can even do a same-day delivery… if the odds are in your favor. AND if you come with Starbuck’s/donuts/tacos in hand.
- We all love our jobs here at Cox Cactus… we have a ton of fun and we love our customers. Each salesperson works off a cell phone so you get direct access to your sales rep. You need a picture now? We will have it text over to you quickly. Don’t go looking at our website because we don’t post pictures there. You won’t find our availability there either. If you want to know what we have now, call us or text us. If you move at a little less than the speed of cellular technology, then email us. Follow us on social media for more photos…. Instagram: @coxcactusfarmaz Facebook: @coxcactusfarm
My job here is done. I hope that I have successfully convinced/reminded you of why Cox Cactus should be your FIRST phone call each and every time.


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