Crop Health Specialist

Blooming Nursery, Inc.
3839 SW Golf Course Road
Cornelius, OR 97113
United States

Application Closing Date
Manages Others
Experience Required
Degree Required
From $18 To $23.00
Per Hour
Employment Type
Work Schedule
No Travel

Job Description
Crop Health Specialist

Soil fertility, Water quality, Propagation, Potting, Environments, Training

Reports to: Production Manager

Primarily Works with: Production Manager, Production Assistant, Division Leads, Technical Systems Expert, Waterers, Soil Preparation

Supervises: Applicator technician when utilized 

Key Duties:  
Plant Health including fertility, water quality, pest and disease monitoring and control, monitoring of propagation and potting activities   
Primary Activities:
Control, monitor water quality and pH
Regular and frequent scouting to discover disease and insects at an early stage to achieve effective control in a timely manner
Identify best control measures, apply and direct application of needed materials
Plant Growth regulation (careful, accurate, timely and conservative…) 
Continuing to develop and administer biological programs for pest control;  steadily reducing our reliance on chemistry
Monitoring nutrition throughout the nursery,  and revamping nutrition programs in two flood houses, watching for incompatibilities, duplication of nutrients, and deficiencies
Preparation of compost tea and application to new liners and seedlings prior to transplant, every 2 weeks 
Continual training and special workshops to train Division Leads and Waterers to enhance their comprehension and ability to water and fertilize effectively
Training and special workshops to train Division leads and others in insect life cycles and controls 
Costing and some purchasing of supplies and materials as required
Monitoring of environments to minimize disease and pest pressure 
Awareness and monitoring of potting practices and soil preparation
Seedling production – may work with Seed propagation supervisor to perform seeding, monitor germination, assist with moving and maintenance of seed propagated young plants
Job Requirements
The successful applicant will have a minimum of 2 years experience in the nursery industry, a working knowledge of IPM and a specific interest and desire to produce healthy crops from a holistic perspective. Coursework involving biological controls and experience using them is preferred.
Ability to communicate in both English and spanish is also strongly preferred, though not critical.
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