Social Media is the best source for getting the word out that you're hiring, even more so during COVID. 


Our job at is to drive the candidates to your job posting, and we take that seriously. We work hard behind the scenes to “push” your job out via social media and other avenues casting a wide net to gain interest in your job opening.


Take these few friendly steps to make sure your competition doesn't hire a candidate BEFORE you get the chance to meet them!  

  • Reach out to the candidate ASAP with a quick email, letting them know you’re interested and will get back to them on a time to talk.
  • Get at least a phone screen set up.   
  • Instill a sense of urgency with the Hiring Manager(s) that getting something on the schedule is imperative. Candidates  are most likely talking with several companies but will wait to make their decision until they’ve met with all companies  interested in them.
  • Keep the process going. If you’ve interviewed but still need time, let the candidate know! Honesty really is the best policy, especially when recruiting. It will also build a good relationship up front so if the candidate joins your team, they’ll know your sincere in your word.
  • Like the candidate? Get the offer out quickly. Contingency offers are totally OK! You may still have references or background checks to complete; let the candidate know that you intend to bring them on “contingent on them meeting the final steps in the hiring process.”


MORAL OF THE STORY: If you wait weeks to respond to a qualified candidate, your competition has swooped in and the candidate may have already committed to another company.


Need help in making contingent offers? Give us a call for some verbiage; we’re happy to help and have lots of tricks up our sleeves!

Happy Hiring, 
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