Get your candidate to say YES to the job. Even during a pandemic.



Yes, the unemployment rate is high…but not necessarily in our industry.   


During a pandemic, we need to be even more cautious with our interviewing processes. Candidates are “pulling out” or moving on to other interviews if they are unhappy with process.  Use these tips to help keep your candidate pipeline flowing and get your candidate to say YES TO THE JOB. 



1.      TOO MANY INTERVIEWS. Keep in mind that candidates only want to come to ONE interview during a pandemic. If it is an absolute necessity, no more than two for higher level roles. Use Zoom or Video Chat for the first interview, and an in person for the second round if feasible. Show the candidate that you value their health and safety. This speaks volumes about the type of company they may be joining.  


2.      TOO MANY PEOPLE IN THE INTERVIEW. Panel interviews can be helpful but are becoming a thing of the past, especially during COVID-19. Limit the room to no more than 3-4 people that can safely social distance. Let the candidate know ahead of time what they can expect regarding company mask policies, etc. If there are too many people in an interview, candidates will feel less safe and probably not perform at their best. For those in warmer clients, we have seen some highly creative outdoor interviewing venues. Hats off to you!


3.      SHOW THE CANDIDATE EXACTLY WHERE THEY’LL WORK.   Again, for comfort and safety during a pandemic, show the candidate what their work environment will look like. Greenhouse, office, work truck with hand sanitizer…whatever it is, let them see it. It will help the candidate relax and be more apt to accept the position if offered. Recently, we heard that a candidate left a job after only working one hour because they were not shown the workspace. The new hire was under the impression that they would have a dedicated space of their own, only to find out it was a shared environment. That particular candidate was uncomfortable and decided to move onto another opportunity.


As always, feel free to reach out to us for advice, info, or just a great chat. We’d love to hear from you.

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