Green Goods Buyer

Northern Nurseries Inc
546 Halfway House Road Corporate Office
Windsor Locks, CT 06096
United States

Manages Others
Experience Required
Employment Type
Work Schedule
Heavy Travel

Job Description


  • Searches out, evaluates, selects, and maintains sources of supply.


  • Purchases a broad selection of nursery stock meeting the following criteria: quality, excellent value, at a cost sufficient to sell competitively at adequate gross margins. The buyer must be aware of our competitor’s pricing and the market-ability of items being considered for purchase & order under the appropriate code or create new codes to ensure the companies maximum profitability.


  • Provides information to distribution center managers and sales personnel regarding the pricing, product assortment and availability from suppliers.


  • Resolves all credit claims with suppliers.


  • Monitors the entire company’s greengoods inventory levels ensuring that inventory does not exceed company guidelines.


  • In order to keep abreast of availability of items from our parent company, primarily for summer/fall purchasing, the buyer should personally visit the Connecticut operations bi-weekly during May, June, July, August, and September.


  • Visits seasonally to each Northern Nurseries distribution center to monitor quality of suppliers (especially new) materials, as well as receiving input from managers regarding supplier comparisons, service, problems, etc.


  • Consistently searches out additional sources of nursery stock in accordance with

established standards of quality, value, and pricing. This search will consist of thorough over-the-road personal visits to potential suppliers, both large and small volume producers. It will also include attendance at major trade shows, and keeping abreast of purchasing “opportunities” and trends in the trade, through ongoing communications with suppliers.


  • Quotes – upon request, provide competitive pricing and accurate availability to Northern’s managers, expeditiously.


  • Participates, when required, in all advertising projects for greengoods.


  • Submits all vendor or trade show reports in the time frame set by the Purchasing Manager.

  • Buys for the sales force. Watches for purchasing opportunities that have a high

potential, low risk factor, for sales opportunities. Growers wishing to sell off blocks, row runs, or excess inventory, are possible sources.


  • Items you may find in your search for new supply and/or regular inventories that may be in short supply, should be cataloged and filed for future reference, so we have a possible ready source when quoting opportunities present themselves.


  • When necessary, processes all of the day-to-day purchases of greengoods for all locations including negotiating price and sourcing the material.


  • Creates “Spring Master Greengoods” purchase orders; while analyzing costs to assure that Company established margins are obtained; and, produces various purchasing & sales reports that require data analysis such as “shopping lists” & “give backs”, contract growing opportunities, & cost analysis for negotiated prices.


  • Arranges & schedules shipments of the product from the vendor to our locations including negotiating freight rates & selection of the freight company to be used.


  • Spreads initial nursery stock to all locations while analyzing suppliers, costs, and logistics to maximize profits.

Job Requirements
• A good communicator.
• Excellent data analysis skills.
• Very knowledgeable of nursery stock, especially landscape plant material.
• Must be a good negotiator with an understanding of the importance of the relationship of cost to gross margins and selling at competitive prices.
• Able and willing to travel throughout the year, to effect the ongoing search for additional supplies.
• A team player, who functions in a way that looks out for the best interest of Northern Nurseries & the Baker Company. The volume of the buyer’s job will increase with the company’s growth.
• Must be able to recognize “purchasing opportunities” that can result in profitable sales for Northern Nurseries.
• Well organized, with the ability to work within and/or develop appropriate office procedures regarding purchasing and distribution.