Grower - Hydroponic

Palm Springs Area, CA 12345
United States

Manages Others
Experience Required
Degree Required
To $135,000
Per Year    
Employment Type
Work Schedule
No Travel

Job Description
Join this dynamic team in the Palm Desert, CA area as the Grower.  This company is doing AMAZING work; you'll want to be a part of this team!

·        The Grower is a supervisor level position and is responsible for supervising the following teams:

a.     Growing team including Assistant Grower (s).

b.     Production team including Production Supervisor.

·        Finished product quality is a vital responsibility of the Grower. It is paramount to produce a product that meets the standards of North Shore Greenhouses and consistently deliver high quality to our customers

The Grower must ensure constant communication between their department and Production Manager.  Communication in all levels is vital to the success of the company.  Continuous and proactive communication is the cornerstones of success in this position. 
Grower will interview, hire, train and supervise workers.  
The Grower ensures food security rules and procedures are followed at all times in all production areas.




·        Priva:

o   Develop strategies for using Priva.

o   Train team on Priva usage.

o   Document findings in conjunction with growing history.

o   Work with technical Support to solve any issues that may arise.

o   Responsible for alarms on duty weeks.


·        County Agricultural Commissioner.

o   File monthly pesticide use report to the County Department of Agriculture


·        Mother Block for Cuttings production:

o   Research and assist with growing issues

o   Manage Cuttings team to ensure daily goals are met.

o   Monitor labor Costs

·        Sowing

o   Research and assist with growing issues.

o   Manage sow team to ensure daily goals are met.

o   Monitor labor costs.

o   Schedule daily/weekly sowing.

·        Maintain weekly records of varietal grow times.

·        Report to Production Manager plant speed up and slowdowns.

·        Develop and maintain irrigation schedule by variety and season.

·        Monitor plant and root health; ensure that quality material is transplanted into the gutter.

·        Recommend environmental or watering schedule changes.

·        Maintain Production Shrink to the 6%-8% level.

·        Create and maintain IPM system

o   Train team to monitor pest populations.

o   Spearhead efforts to use new material/ methods for combating pest populations.

·        Maintain growing supply levels/inventory and reorder as needed.

·        Maintain growing recipes and alert Production Manager of any changes.

o   Ensure growing recipes are always followed.



·        Maintain data from harvest and planting reports.

o   Ensure reporting is completed by greenhouse and packing staff daily

·        Oversee Herb Inventory. Monitor short term and long-term availability.

·        Manage and make efforts to minimize production shrink. Maintain Total Production Shrink to the 6%-8% level

·        Maintain production seed inventory balances.

o   Work with purchasing department to re-order seeds

·         Research, document and trial potential new product lines recommended by the Sales and Marketing    teams.

·        New product trials

o   Research, document and trial new product lines

Job Requirements
To be successful in this role, we ask the following:

1. A degree in Ag or related field.

2. 7+ years of experience as a Head Grower, must have hydroponic experience.

3. Be wiling to relocated to the Palm Desert area.

4. Proven ability to move a growing operation forward!

This is a confidential recruiting effort by the staff at; please contact Suzanne directly for more information.

FANTASTIC OPPORTUNITY FOR A CAREER MINDED GROWER! Base compensation + bonuses and great benefits! Apply today!