Inside Sales Representative/Customer Service Representative

Midwest Groundcovers
6N800 IL-25
St. Charles, IL 60174
United States

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Experience Required
Degree Required
From $16.00 To $20.00
Per Hour
Employment Type
Work Schedule
No Travel

Job Description

Title: Inside Sales Representative 

Company: Midwest Groundcovers, LLC Employee Class: Full Time Year Round

Objective / Accountability:

To satisfy and meet customer expectations by providing value-added service and support to external customers and Inside and Outside Sales representatives, while achieving the annual sales goals at a profit and reaching personal & professional goals in the process.

Function / Corresponding Tasks:

Sales and Customer Service Responsibilities

· Provide efficient, accurate, and knowledgeable service through multiple channels (phone, fax, email or in person) to ensure excellent customer satisfaction and to sell customers on Midwest Groundcovers’ and Midwest Trading’s broad product line.

· Understand, apply, and effectively communicate Midwest Groundcovers’ customer service policies.

· Maintain basic Ross, SharePoint, and SlimCD skills as they apply to Inside Sales:

o Process orders and quotes via MGSales & phone.

o Maintain customer accounts and diary information on the ROSS system (SPROBS/SCOMPS/SCOMNT/CANCEL).

o Understand ordering, shipping, and credit policies. Apply and communicate these policies. Issue adjustments as needed.

o Assist in calling customers with orders on will call. Participate in order management process and communicate with customers as requested.

o Set up & maintain up to date customer contacts in Ross.

o Process catalog requests on an as needed basis.

· Ability to support & be fully cross trained in the Wholesale Office & Check-In Kiosk as needed.

· Actively promote and sell product through the UPICK Sales Yard.

· Work with internal and external customers regarding plant shortages, QA issues, and communicate with customers, Inventory, and Production as appropriate.

Potential Inside Sales Representative Specialized Sales Assignments

· Setting up new customer records in Ross.

· Possible pairing with Outside Sales Representative partner(s). Support Outside Sales Representative in serving Growth and Sustaining customers to collaboratively meet their needs to ultimately grow sales.

· Assignment of customer accounts to meet the customer’s needs and grow their sales.

· Sell to targeted annual sales goals relating to specific accounts, products or market segments; track and report sales results data to manager or upper management.

· Become cross trained in one or more of these departments: UPICK, Shipping, Order Fulfillment.

· Active promotional selling of targeted products, product lines and promotional focus items.

· Work some trade shows and/or company public relations or sales events especially in winter and summer seasons.

· Direct some work or lead project work to be completed by Customer Service Representatives. Projects may include: Open Booked Order maintenance, Will Call Order maintenance, SharePoint site updates, department procedure updates, maintaining department Rolling Calendar.

Plants and Inventory

· Take regularly scheduled nursery walks weekly. Keep notes and create nursery walk summaries – share feedback via email. Share information with Customer Service/Marketing/Inventory and use as a marketing tool with customers.

· Thoroughly understand inventory information in Midwest Groundcovers and Midwest Trading Ross systems and communicate to customers.

· Maintain and share accurate knowledge of current inventory status and future crop inventory.

· Work with internal and external customers regarding plant shortages, QA issues, and communicate with customers, inventory and production as appropriate.

Projects and Process Improvements

· Participate in regular training to maintain and update skills. Lead some annual department and ongoing staff training.

· Attend quarterly safety training.

· Support process, procedure, and system improvements for the department. Utilize the closed loop problem solving methods and action plan systems to help implement changes.

· Develop and maintain strong Ross report output skills to supply feedback information for tracking sales, and to support department and Outside Sales goals. Some reports include: ACD, Open Booked Orders, Will Call Orders, Sales History Reporting

· Assist with projects as requested, especially by Outside Sales Representatives and Senior Inside Sales Representatives to meet customers expectations and grow sales.

· Responsible for determining and achieving individual annual goals, and working toward personal and professional growth, while supporting the department, company, and industry.

Required Skills:

· Ability to communicate effectively, accurately, and concisely both orally and in writing.

· Excellent organizational and problem solving skills.

· Strong competency in Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, and Internet Explorer.

· Strong commitment to customer service and teamwork.

· Positive, action oriented attitude towards problems solving and satisfying customer needs.

· Ability to output high volume of work accurately with attention to detail.

· Ability to multi-task, work in a fast paced environment and meet deadlines.


· Many hours on the phone, working on a computer and sitting at a desk in an office environment.

· Ability to calmly deal with customers presenting problems and resolve issues.

· Ability to adjust to continually changing inventory availability and changes in product quality.

· Continued and frequent changes to orders based on inventory changes.

· Ability to work longer hours and overtime as needed, including Saturdays, particularly in spring

· Being responsible to a team / not able to set one's own schedule - always needing to check with the team to plan one's work, breaks, projects, etc.

· Active and assertive promotional selling of new ideas, products, and services to customers to increase awareness of Midwest Groundcovers broad product line to proactively grow sales.

· May be asked to participate in trade shows or events that could occur outside of normal business hours – winter and summer especially.

· May work shorter hours or reduced schedule as required by seasonal business volume.

Education / Experience Pre-requisites:

· Junior College or higher education in horticulture, sales, marketing or general business.

· 2 years of horticultural or job related experience in sales or customer service.


· Did we make our sales forecast? Did we make our product or program goals? What is quarterly progress on individual goals for the year?

· Are orders and quotes processed accurately and in a timely manner? Are external and internal customers satisfied with the service they are receiving? Are sales and customer service tasks completed accurately and meeting deadlines?

· Are policies understood and communicated accurately?

· Are sales assignments and projects completed to quality standard and on time? For example open booked order maintenance, will call order maintenance, etc.?

· Are assigned customers satisfied? Are their sales increasing? What additional products are they buying which they weren’t before?

· Is trade show representation successful? Did we meet our trade show sales and customer goals?

· Is plant and inventory knowledge strong? Are weekly nursery walks accomplished? Is information shared?

· Is individual up to date in skill training? Leading some skill training? Is Ross skill level strong and meeting internal and external customer demands?

· Is the individual a positive team contributor? Are they meeting team and individual goals?