Interviewing: It's Not Just Vetting a Candidate Anymore.



If you’re approaching the interview as a simply a time to ask questions you want answered, you might be missing out on a bigger hidden opportunity.

Look beyond vetting a candidate. We advise our customers to look at the time spent in an interview as a “people participation” experience. Two (or more) people are participating in an activity that ultimately has a goal of getting to know one another. The interviewer(s) is allowing someone from outside the company to get a peek into the inner workings of your company. Use this time and process as a unique opportunity to market and be a brand ambassador for your organization. We’re sharing a recent experience:


EXAMPLE: Candidate is brought in to meet several Department Heads and leaders within the company. The candidate is learning from multiple individuals why they might want to leave their current role and join the new team. Turns out, it's not the right fit. However, the candidate had such a great experience and felt the company was transparent, authentic, and energetic with opportunities for growth they left with a great feeling. All the warm and fuzzies are there. Candidate returns to their current job the next day, and finds themselves at an industry networking event. In chatting, candidate talks about their recent interview experience; relaying information and giving kudos to the interview process. Fast forward…colleague now works for that company and both couldn’t be happier!


Go beyond vetting; you’re building your candidate pipeline ALL THE TIME!


We’ll continue to share experiences in hopes that we benefit our great Hort and Landscaping industry! If you have a great people participation experience, let’s keep the conversation going.

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