Assistant Grower

Miami, FL 33177
United States

Manages Others
Experience Required
Employment Type
Work Schedule
No Travel

Job Description

Manage and execute the tasks of growing and maintaining high quality plug and liner products on time, at a reasonable cost and of the required quality specification as communicated by the customer, as directed by the Grower.


  1. Understand irrigation, spraying and fertilizing protocols and provide direction and supervise team members executing these tasks accordingly
  2. Monitor crops for growth, health, insects and diseases
  3. Follow, execute and maintain records of the crop activities, pesticide applications, and growth records on bench cards.
  4. Evaluate crop protection needs. Supervise and participate in pest management program
  5. Provide production protocol details to the Department of System Integrity
  6. Work closely with Operations Manager to maintain task quality and efficiency
  7. Successfully attain a pass grade on The 5 Levels of Moisture Management training
  8. Perform other duties as assigned

Critical Knowledge

  • Bachelor’s degree in horticulture or related field – 1 +yrs. of Experience
  • Familiarity with proper moisture management techniques.
  • Familiarity with proper nutrient management and testing procedures.
  • Ability to identify common crop insect and disease problems
  • Ability to observe crop stress sign
  • Ability to accurately follow instructions and effectively communicate


  1. Work independently and as a part of the team
  2. Accurately gather and record data
  3. Work outdoors (year-round), in greenhouse and field environments
  4. Learn and use a variety of computers software (including Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, etc.)
  5. Possess familiarity with moisture and nutrient management procedures
  6. Ability to work in a fast-paced environment and handle multiple tasks and requests
  7. English / Spanish 30% Required

Physical Demands

  1. Standing and sitting
  2. Lifting up to 50lbs
  3. Walking and driving

Working Conditions

  1. Indoor – 30% of time. This can change depending on the projects and time of the year
  2. Outdoor – 70%. This can change depending on the projects and time of the year.
  3. High Temperatures – Ability to work in temperatures of up and over 100 degrees
Hours may vary and weekend flexibility is a must

Costa Farms
lourdes verde
21800 SW 162nd Ave
miami FL 33177
United States