Job Board VS Employment Website - Which is best for you?

Murphy Lynn



A progressive employment website deals with CAREERS, not just JOBS. Employment websites focus on PEOPLE and has its own database and “reach” within their network of passive and reactive candidates. The staff associated with an employment website should be knowledgeable about recruitment marketing, paying special attention to aggressive social media marketing, company culture branding, creative job post writing, etc. There should be a “behind the scenes team” that is quietly working on your behalf to bring candidates to your job post and gain interest in your company.  


Standard Job Boards are simple and only offer the service of posting a job and hoping the right candidate at the right time will see your job.   


An employment website should also offer other services.  In our humble opinion, those dedicated to the employment process will insist on being of service to both the client company and the candidate.


SOCIAL MEDIA should be a HUGE part of an employment website; we believe dedicated and targeted time should be spent on a social media strategy. Spreading the word about a new job opportunity and getting that announcement out to potential candidates is where the magic starts to happen.  When pushing out to social media, your employment website social media expert should be “tagging” your company Facebook page, LinkedIn page, etc., so that you can then share as well. The more exposure and traction a job post gains, the more likely the right candidate will come along. It is a collaborative effort between the client company and the employment website.


MEET MAX: Max, a current Project Manager in Chicago, has extra time in a waiting room lobby, and is scrolling through Facebook. A “boosted” or “sponsored” job pops up on his page because the social media expert has purposely targeted the demographic of Project Managers in the Chicagoland area. Spark ignites, interest pursues, and Max hits the “learn more” button – we’re off and running! If nothing else, your company has been introduced to Max, and Max (who really wasn’t actively looking) may decide to apply or tell a colleague or two about the role. The goal of an employment website it to rouse interest and move a candidate towards engagement.  We see it happen all the time, and we LOVE it!


Employment websites should feel like a community, especially niche websites and companies that dedicate themselves to a specific industry and stay on top of trends, salaries, etc. 


Find your horticulture and landscape community; and stay engaged – we certainly invite you to join ours!


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