Horticulture and Landscape Job Links

Cabrillo College offer a diverse range of classes including Arboriculture, Basic Horticulture, Business Aspects of Horticulture, Crop Management & Nursery Production, Edible Landscaping, Greenhouse Operation and Design, Irrigation, Sustainable Landscaping, Landscape Design, Landscape Restoration, Native Plants, Organic Agriculture, Hydroponics and Substrate Culture, Pest Management, Plant Materials, Permaculture and Current Topics.

Everything we do in plant science ties to the the environment and sustainability, with more career options than you thought possible. Our degree programs involve hands-on projects that let you learn by doing in our farms, gardens, Farm Store, Agriscapes, science labs and even golf greens.

Experiential learning in each of our three majors, Environmental Horticulture, Horticulture, and Landscape Architecture.

The only horticulture program in the Ivy League.

The Department's mission is to prepare our students for horticulture careers in science and business.

Offering programs to help advance your job in horticulture.

In the College of Agricultural Sciences, expect the unexpected. You can gain an education to pursue a diverse set of careers. There are literally hundreds of career paths.

High quality teaching and student research programs leading to B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. degrees for careers in horticulture.

The best career could be right our your window.