Recruiting, Hiring, and the Coronavirus.

Suzanne Kludt


Recruiting, Interviewing, and the Coronavirus.


The coronavirus is having an influence on recruiting and interviewing, but it doesn’t have to stall all efforts; we still need to hire talent.  A few precautions that we have suggested to many of our client companies this week alone:


  • Use Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, Hangouts or other methods of interviewing for pre-screening to avoid people coming in person. Only have the final candidate or two come for the in-person interview


  • Use your current job board or employment website to the fullest; find out how they can help take some of the burden off your HR department.  Perhaps hire them to perform full cycle recruiting so that they are only presenting you the top candidates.

  • Avoid public recruiting events like job fairs and on-campus recruiting events. Check with the staff at HireHorticulture; we will be offering assistance in that arena with virtual job fairs. 

  • No handshaking – that goes without saying, right? But some are afraid to offend a potential employee. Put a sign or multiple signs around your office(s) that clearly states that you are being health conscious and would like to welcome the candidate but won’t be shaking hands – and that you look forward to shaking their hand at a later date. This will avoid embarrassment and awkwardness.


We’re staying on top of what’s happening and the impact to our industry. If we can be of any assistance in your recruiting efforts, reach out ASAP and we’ll help you develop a strategy.


Stay well,




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