It’s already the end of January; we're all ramping up with the anticipation of Spring 2021 to mimic or exceed Spring 2020. All research in our industry is pointing to increased sales over last year. Ready. Set. Go.


  • TEXTING: Use texting to become more efficient in getting interested candidates converted into viable applicants. We've used a text-to-apply platform, especially for seasonals. (If you need help with this, reach out to us, we’ve used it with great success!) 
  • TUESDAYS: watches analytics extremely close. We cannot explain it, but Tuesdays are the biggest “apply days.” We have speculation, and have surveyed our candidates, but the answers were a bit all over the board. We just know, Tuesday’s work.  Our bi-weekly e-blast goes out to candidates on Tuesdays, and during high hiring months, it's sent out weekly.  If you're scheduling an open house or hiring event, try it on a Tuesday!
  • EMPATHY: Even with COVID, does your employer brand still matter to job seekers? According to the 2020 Job Seeker Nation Report, 81% of workers think company culture is somewhat or very important in their decision to apply for a job. Job seekers are paying attention, more than ever, to how companies treat their employees. Having empathy creates great culture. Make sure to make your COVID safety measures well advertised. 
  • VIRTUALITY: Virtual recruiting is here to stay. Prepare to continue to have some of your positions begin with a virtual interview; especially those that you know will require multiple meetings. Once a candidate has passed the initial screening, you can then ask them to come in person. We think, even post-COVID, this will continue. Frankly, it saves a candidate the travel time and potentially additional time off from their current job for a baseline meeting to see if both parties are interested. According to LinkedIn “candidates for entry-level positions may experience a completely virtual hiring process, not setting foot in the office until their onboarded, if then.”
  • RESKILLING. We preached this last year, and we are preaching it again – we feel it’s THAT noteworthy. Look for transferrable talent, especially those that have been furloughed and are looking to make a change into our industry. Identify mentors and coaches within your organization, hire for attitude and ethic, then have your experienced employees reskill and train. It will be worth your time, and these employees are likely to stay longer.



Chances are, your 2021 hiring needs are going to increase. We’ll help you navigate to stay ahead of the competition. We love dialogue and strategic staffing planning, don’t hesitate to reach out to us, two heads are always better than one!





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