Resolving Conflicts

Katie Elzer-Peters
Resolving Conflict
From mediation/arbitration to DIY conflict resolution.
From deciding where to eat dinner to arranging an endcap display—at home and at work—conflict is unavoidable. Addressing conflict head on—working through it and moving forward are essential for the bottom line.

Suzanne Kludt, founder of says, “As garden centers, we are destinations with luxury items. You don’t have to go to the garden center like you have to go to the grocery. As such, we have to deliver world-class customer service.” Conflict, and unhappy employees, get in the way of that.

Suzanne finds that conflict is at its highest when the garden centers aren’t busy, as that’s when people have more time to stand around and gossip. When the business is busy, everyone’s tolerance is lower. “It’s a physically demanding job, and when your body feels physically tired, your tolerance level goes down.” Here’s how to tackle conflict, even when tempers are high.
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