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Job Description


Service Technician

Introduction:    The primary function of this position is to provide quality plant care service and assure                            customer satisfaction; this position requires the driving of your personal vehicle within                            DC/Maryland/Virginia to visit the customer sites.

**** Position reports to: Service Manager

Job Responsibilities


  • Maintain prompt and regular attendance each day
  • Maintain a professional attitude and appearance; the uniform is provided
  • Be professional, courteous and helpful when dealing with customers
  • Follow processes, procedures as trained, and all paperwork flow and submission associated with this position
  • Willingness to accept constructive criticism to improve quality of work and improve performance
  • Excel in both organizational and communication skills
  • Willingness and understanding of the physical aspects of the position as follows but not limited to:
  • Being on your feet all day, bending, squatting, consistent lifting of plants, materials and water buckets and pushing of water tank machines, ladder work while following all trained procedures


  • Driving experience and maintaining driving record in accordance with our insurance company requirements (*** This position requires you drive your own vehicle.  The distance remains within greater Washington DC area.)
  • Reliable transportation and maintain required driving record for the position as not to interfere with your position


  • Understand that pesticide use will be needed at times and willingness to receive your licenses after 6 months of employment will be required while following all federal and state laws always

Customer Relations:

  • Enter workplace and perform service without disturbing our client's daily business
  • Let the contact know you are there to do service
  • Ask about any concerns and requests and respond promptly to their needs
  • Make suggestions for additional plantings, containers or any add-on sales when requested to do so by the client or immediately refer the request back to a supervisor for assistance
  • Discuss any design changes with the customer for their approval
  • Uphold company contract and agreements with customers
  • Assure their satisfaction with service
  • Have the contact sign timesheet for documentation, use service report and log in wherever applicable to encourage the communication process

Plant Care:

  • Know the names, light requirements and moisture requirements of all plants serviced.
  • Water correctly to prevent stress going from one extreme condition to another.
  • Clean plant and container each visit as needed. Remove dead, yellow, and damaged leaves. Take trash from containers. Clean and groom leaves thoroughly.
  • Prune plants to remove any unsightly foliage and to maintain the desired shape and size of the plant
  • Turn plants regularly for even light distribution.
  • Keep canes, trunks, and stalks straightened and any dead canes removed.
  • Add soil, moss, and mulch as needed to maintain a healthy and attractive growing media.
  • Inspect each plant for changes in health as compared to previous visits. Look for signs of emerging pests, insects, and disease or soil problems.
  • Recognize damage caused by excess heat, cold, humidity, dryness by drafts generated by heating, air conditioning, door or window location; physical damage; damage due to chemicals, soaps, traffic, insufficient lighting or improper soil pH or nutrition.
  • Recognize insects/diseases and treat them with the accepted methods. Work under supervision of licensed pesticide applicator on staff, until receiving own license, and according to state law.
  • Decide whether a plant is no longer in first class condition and needs replacement.
  • Maintain overall design integrity of the accounts.

Processes & Procedures:

  • Complete all necessary forms correctly and on time
  • Complete timesheets daily by logging into the time and attendance system and check the record for accuracy frequently. Know and use correct codes and turn in any accompanying paperwork needed
  • Update all profiles and inventories of plants each visit. Report any discrepancies in numbers to supervisor for adjustments
  • Record all account activity including pesticide use, liming, fertilizing, and soluble salt checks
  • Anticipate and identify (per current procedure) replacements needed and submit paperwork promptly
  • Initiate special maintenance and project as far in advance as possible

Working Relationships:

  • Communicate with Service Supervisor daily concerning work schedule; the emergence of plant problems, especially when large specimen material or consistent varieties are involved; special service needs; paperwork issues; and equipment requirements
  • Communicate any personal needs affecting work and procedural issues
  • Input for route feasibility and efficiency
  • Interact with Service Supervisor for accurate time and benefit records
  • Watch for new sale opportunities and give leads to Service Supervisor to distribute to sales staff
  • Communicate with warehouse personnel for aid in trouble-shooting and follow-up treatments of new plant material
  • Inform Service Supervisor of any urgent replacements, new account information, or installation issues that need addressed with operations
  • Maintain good working relationships with co-workers and management
  • Communicate the need for additional or ongoing training

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Maintain all assigned equipment in good working order including sprayers, pruners, and uniforms
  • Participate in company meetings
  • Take out small replacement plants and color units
  • Handle all pesticides according to law, vehicles, and equipment safety to all OSHA regulations
  • Assist fellow employees and accept additional responsibilities when needed

Job Requirements
To accept the physical aspects of the position: carrying plants and water tank; to be able to drive your own vehicle (expense reimbursed with the proper paperwork); the driving distance remains within greater Washington DC area; willing to learn plant care techniques and how to maintain the equipment properly; able to perform with the minimum supervision; communication skills.
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