1.   SHARE the unfavorable aspects of a job WITH the amazing opportunity you’re offering.


No job is sunshine and rainbows 100% of the time.  Be open and honest about the “tough days” as this helps for a better understanding of the environment.  Example: If working Saturday’s every weekend during peak season is mandatory; make sure to share it and follow up with the fact that the company will make that up with better scheduling during non-peak season for longer stints of vacation. Sharing this information has an unexpected benefit; it immediately shows how a candidate can adapt and take on challenges. Some things are a “given” for those of us that have been in the industry for some time, but, as we look outside our industry for potential candidates to join us; we need to be even more informative.   



2.   SHARE your workplace, give a tour.


Don’t be afraid to give too much away in the first meeting. 


   a.   Less Chance of Making a Bad Hire – allow candidates to “feel” what it’s like to work there. It’s ok for a candidate to see the lunchroom even if it’s not been cleaned; show the Receiving department where a container(s) has just arrived and there is product in disarray.  Show your human side, not everyone’s house is clean ALL the time. Fact: employees are less likely to jump ship early on if they have a chance to visualize the company culture.


   b.   Brand Advocacy – Having been given a tour, folks are more likely to walk away with a positive image of the company even if they don’t receive an offer.  They are FAR MORE LIKELY to tell colleagues about their experience, and/or more likely to apply again – great to have candidates in the pipeline!



3.   SHARE the nitty gritty.


Candidates have been taught to never talk salary, benefits, vacation etc., during an interview. Granted, some do, but most that have been around the block a time or two know better. So, you take the step, and share.  Give the candidate an opportunity to ask questions; i.e., is there negotiation room for more vacation time up front, etc. You’ll get a chance to see how you measure up to their current job, that can lead to a better first offer should you choose to hire.  

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