Supervisor of Landscaping and Plant Bed Maintenace Supervisor

Baltimore , MD
United States

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Degree Required
To $19.27
Per Hour
Employment Type
Work Schedule
No Travel

Job Description


Operations Supervision 50%

1.    Responsible for directing the day to day operations of the state site grounds maintenance contract and implementing programmatic and administrative policies and procedures in order to attain company goals and objectives.

2.    Supervise work designated by the Project Manager; to include but not limited to:  The day-to-

       day performance of their assigned crew and have overall responsibility for the work being


3.    Review and implement safety procedures to meet state and company standards; monitor activities where accidents may occur, halting any operation or activity that constitutes an imminent hazard to personnel or equipment and assists in the activities of the safety committee by providing technical and administrative support.

4.      Foster an atmosphere that promotes Human Rights for all clients and ensures training, incident reporting, appropriate counseling documentation, and awareness of responsibilities of all personnel regarding Human Rights matters.

5.      Responsible for working with a positive team spirit and producing quality work.

6.      Responsible for appropriate conduct and demeanor as dictated by Didlake Policy.

7.      Provide technical and procedural guidance to a grounds labor crew of up to 10 laborers performing one or more of the following tasks:

  • Cut grass, using farm tractors, batwing mowing deck, riding mowing w/ 60/72” mowing decks, or walk behind type (less than 2000 lbs.). 

  • Schedule and inspect assigned work.

  • Evaluate turf grass for disease, drought effects and invasive vegetation institute; recommend remedies.

  • Trim edges around walks, plant beds and other areas designated within the contract      

                statement of Work, using hedge trimmers, clippers and edging tools. 

  • Prunes shrubs and trees to shape and improve growth, using shears and other hand tools. 

  • Plant grass, flowers, trees and shrubs. Cultivate planting beds.

  • Water lawn and shrubs during dry periods using hose or activating sprinkler system. 

  • Picks up and burns or carts away leaves, paper or other litter. 

  • Removes snow from walks, driveways, roads, or parking lots, using shovel and snow blower.

  • Spreads salt on walkways and other areas. 

  • Repairs and paints fences, gates, benches, tables, guardrails and outbuildings. 

  • Assists in repairs of roads, walks, buildings and mechanical equipment. 

  • May clean comfort stations, office and workshop areas, and parking lots by sweeping, blowing, washing, mopping and polishing.


    Administrative 40%

    1.      Liaison with the Assistant Project Manager, Project Manager, Senior Operations Manager, Director of Operations and MAA Contract Administrator to ensure all services are within contract specifications.

    2.      Directs grounds labors; provides quality assurance (in conjunction with the

    Quality Control Team) and ensure rework services are completed when required.

    3.      Perform on-the-job safety and hazard training, as well as training in task procedures and requirements.

    4.      Monitor customer concerns and service schedules.

    5.      Assume the duties and responsibilities of Project Manager and Assistant Project Manager in their absence.

    6.      Assist Team Leaders as assigned by the Project Manager.

    7.      Effective and cooperative interaction with management, supervisory staff, co-workers and disabled program participants.

    8.      Read and interpret a myriad of documents; to include but not limited to site maps, equipment operating maintenance manuals, state government contracts, grounds SOPs/specifications, and schedules.

    9.     Must demonstrate the capacity to learn and operate proficiently the MAXIMO Reporting System.


    Liaison with Project Manager and State Government Staff 10%

    1.        Being on call 24 hours a day to assist the Project Manager with the contractual specifications.

    2.        Serves as primary liaison between the corporate office and its clients and staff.

    3.        Serves as a team builder, who is responsible for establishing and maintaining a positive and constructive team spirit among all Didlake/site staff members.

    4.        Act as the Assistant Project Manager, with full duties and responsibilities, in the absence of the assistant Project Manager.

    5.        Assures appropriate conduct and decorum as dictated Didlake policy and procedure.

  1. Completes required paperwork and/or documentation.

  2. Completes and maintains all Didlake required trainings.

  3. Project a positive and professional image to the public, co-workers and Didlake clients.

  4. As assigned, drive company vehicle to transport equipment, material and personnel to assigned work stations.

Job Requirements
Must Pass DOT Physical and Background Check and Good Driving Record.
Aysar Barbari
8641 Breeden Ave
Mannassas 20110
United States