What is a Targeted Posting?


What The Heck Is This “TARGETED POSTING” I Keep Hearing About?


It’s more competitive now than EVER! We use “TARGETED POSTINGS” to alert, reach, and engage more passive candidates than a regular job posting. It’s not necessary for all current openings, but can be hugely helpful for those super tough finds. A “TARGETED POST” includes:

Everything included with 30-day Featured job posting, PLUS:

  • A custom Facebook Ad reaching 1000's of people, all targeted in your area.
  • Job included in the HireHorticulture email newsletter to over 10,000 candidates. 
  • Job posted on the HireHorticulture LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter pages.
  • A “deep dive” with one of our HORT recruiters to help you creatively write your ad, develop strategy, understand analytics, and assist with tips on “reeling” in those passive candidates. 


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